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Alien Calf Mutilations

by on Nov.27, 2009, under aliens

Recently there have been news reports of calf mutilations in southern Colorado (for example, here).  The news reports suggest that the organs have been removed from the calves.  The area in which the carcasses were found shows no sign of human presence or the presence of predators.  The “neatness” of the organ removal and the lack of evidence such as tracks, drag marks, and pools of blood lead some to suspect that aliens must have been involved.

While an interesting hypothesis, aliens are not likely to have been responsible for the mutilation of calves in the wilderness.  Aliens here on earth conducting scientific research involving dissection would perform the procedure in much the same way human scientists would.  They would use a laboratory.  The carcass would be fully used and any remains would be incinerated.  The carcass would not be dumped in the wilderness with no trace of how the calf reached the location.

If aliens are behind the string of calf mutilations then the only likely explanation is that some young (i.e. “teenage”) aliens are out to “punk” the humans by butchering a few calves to cause some fear and anxiety.  But, this isn’t a likely scenario as the risk of getting caught is too high.  Alien children allowed to visit Earth do so under the strictest supervision.  They have little opportunity to shed such supervision.

The most likely explanations are that humans are trying to pull a prank involving aliens or that the farmer(s) with the mutilated calf is trying to create some sort of insurance scam.

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Vatican Signals Willingness to Consider Aliens

by on Nov.11, 2009, under aliens

The Roman Catholic Church has signaled its willingness to consider that there may be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe (click here for one story).  The Catholic Church is considering whether or not the grandeur of God’s creation may include other places in the vastness of space.

For Christians, and people of other faiths, the idea that other intelligent life could, and, in fact, does, exist in the universe can cause a crisis of faith.  Christian denominations often teach that humans are “made in God’s image” and are unique in the universe.  How, then, is another intelligent species to be considered with such fundamental teachings?  How are the religious teachings and practices of other intelligent life to be reconciled with human holy scriptures?

The Catholic Church, one of the oldest extant religious institutions in the world, seems to be preparing its flock for the possibility that aliens will be “discovered” in the relatively near future.  They seem to want to find a way to support multiple intelligent species that are “made in God’s image” before it becomes widely known that intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe has visited Earth, that aliens visit regularly.

This is a bold, welcome move on the part of the Catholic Church.  If only others would dare to prepare the general public for the hidden knowledge that we are not alone.

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