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Mystery Impact on Jupiter – Update

by on Jul.28, 2009, under aliens

Fox News is using the recent “impact” event on Jupiter to “scare” people into believing that it could happen here on Earth.  See this article.  But, as we discussed when the “impact” was announced, there cannot be a repeat of the Jupiter event as it was not an impact event.  Rather, it was an alien gas mining operation that suffered a catastrophic failure resulting in an explosion and apparent Earth-sized crater.

Certainly, Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) of a certain size a something to be concerned about.  Earth has been hit by many large asteroids and comets throughout its existence.  The planet will, undoubtedly, be hit many, many more times.  Unless there is a true surprise lurking somewhere in the Solar System, Earth will probably not be hit by an asteroid of substantial size or a comet any time in the near future.

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Russian Navy Declassifies UFO Data

by on Jul.28, 2009, under aliens

The Russian Navy recently declassified some, but not all, data that it has on UFOs (see article here).  The information, like that declassified by any government, is short on any real facts, real details regarding the ongoing alien presence here on Earth.  The declassified data won’t provide any details as to the nature of the alien contact or presence here on Earth.  To do so would. in some opinions, incite world-wide panic, possibly leading to violent civil strife and upset the powers that benefit from the relationships with the aliens.  The best that any government can reveal at present is in effect “Yes, there are events that we cannot explain that seem to suggest that we may be visited by extraterrestrials.  We are unable to prove that these events are actually the result of extraterrestrial visits.”

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Mystery Impact on Jupiter

by on Jul.21, 2009, under aliens

An amateur astronomer detected an unusual impact crater on Jupiter on July 19, 2009.  NASA “confirmed” the impact.  NASA speculates that the impact was caused by a “large block of ice” or a “wandering comet to feint to see” in Jupiter’s neighborhood.  Jupiter certainly does get hit by comets (Shoemaker-Levy 9, for example), but it is not the only possible explanation for the “crater” shown below.

JPL Image Showing Impact with Jupiter

JPL Image Showing "Impact" with Jupiter

The claim that the crater is the result of an impact of a large block of ice or from an unseen, wandering comet is cover for a terrible accident that happened.  Jupiter’s atmosphere contains many valuable gases valuable for spacefaring civilizations  such as hydrogen and helium.  A gas mining station deep in the Jovian atmosphere suffered a catastrophic failure and exploded leaving a spot with the appearance of an impact point.  Many lives, of course, were lost in the accident.  Mining, whether underground on Earth or in the atmosphere of a distant planet, is a dangerous occupation.

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Giant Squid Squid Invade Bay

by on Jul.18, 2009, under aliens

Giant squid have been sighted in San Diego Bay.  Scientists are baffled as to why the giant squid are “suddenly” appearing out side of their normal range.  The giant squid are in the bay because alien that are important to their community have been reported to be in the waters in and around San Diego Bay.  The quid are just like human fans of any rock star; they go where their idol can be glimpsed regardless of the dangers.

The giant squid numbers will likely fall once the visitor leaves.

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Moon Hoax

by on Jul.17, 2009, under aliens

Now that we’ve reached the 40th anniversary of the Apollo XI Moon landing the subject of the whole mission being a hoax has come up again.  NASA has been working on restoring the video of the original landing.  The problem is that the original tapes of the first moon landing were lost.  Actually, they were erased due to a shortage of data tapes during the 1970s.  Conspiracy theorists argue that the conveniently lost tapes are some of the evidence of the Moon landings never having happened.

The conspiracy theorists are right; the lost tapes are a conspiracy but not of the kind that they expect.  Some of the original video showed an alien ship monitoring the first Moon landing.  The quality of the original transfer to television was so poor that viewers in that era would not have seen it.  However, as video technology has improved the chance that some one would notice an unusual vessel in the background would increased.  The groups that are aware of aliens determined that it would be better that the original tapes were “erased and reused” due to a “shortage” of data tapes.  NASA is a victim in this conspiracy.

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Shuttle Endeavour Launch Delayed

by on Jul.11, 2009, under aliens

Space shuttle Endeavour’s scheduled launch for today was scrubbed due to “lightning strikes near the launch pad.”  Endeavor wasn’t scrubbed because of lightning strikes.  It was scrubbed because a launch would have placed it in a position where astronauts or, worse, civilians could have seen an alien space ship moving through Earth orbit.  The “weather-related” delays have generally proven to be a better cover system than methods used with, for example, Apollo 1 and Apollo 13.  Stopping a mission because of the weather doesn’t risk crew lives like earlier efforts to hide the truth.

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Flight 447 – Update

by on Jul.06, 2009, under aliens

Air France Flight 447 is again in the news.  Aviation authorities have released a reports that confirm comments mader here as well as a report that contradicts comments made here about the state of the plane when it hit the Atlantic Ocean.

First, autopsies are not showing any signs of burns or smoke.  This confirms that the plane was not brought down by an explosion.  It is in line with the view that the airplane was actually attempting to avoid a collision with an alien space ship using the storm as cover for an arrival or departure.

Second, French aviation officials report that the plane “bellyflopped” into the ocean.  This claim argues that the plane just fell out of the sky for no reason.  They cannot explain what may have caused it to fall straight down because it didn’t happen.  This story without any supporting theories or evidence from the fight data records, the so-called black boxes, (which, conveniently, have not been reported as “found”) is nothing more than a cover story for an accident for which the authorities do not want the public to learn the truth.

Somehow it is easier to convince the public of the veracity of an unexplicable fall of an airplane from the sky than of the continued presence or extra-terrestrials, aliens, on Earth.

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