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Flight 447

by on Jun.17, 2009, under aliens

The events surrounding the crash of Air France Flight 447 remain a mystery … to most.

Main-stream media news stories are starting to suggest what may have happened  (see Fox News).  Autopsy reports of the bodies recovered so far reveal numerous broken bones and a paucity of missing body parts and suggest that the aircraft broke up in flight at altitude rather than on impact with the ocean surface.  The media speculates that a number of events may have caused the break up:  faulty air speed indicators, lightning strike(s), and terrorists.

Some questionable web sites that feed hysteria around the concept of “alien abduction” suggest that a giant alien spaceship snatched the whole aircraft out of the sky before a distress signal could be sent.  Their arguments for a massive in-flight abduction are poor enough to warrant no further discussion.

The type of injuries on the bodies is the clue that this particular disaster was caused by a near-miss or, possibly, contact with an alien ship that was using the storm as cover for arrival or departure from Earth.  Large severe storms are commonly used to mask alien arrival and departure due to the confused signals emanating from such weather.  It was an unfortunate coincidence that an a commercial aircraft intersected the alien flight path at the wrong time.  Turbulence caused the aircraft to become unstable and issue the airspeed alarms that have been cited as the probable cause.  Surely the air crew would have sufficient time to make a radio distress call?  Depending on the state that the aircraft was in they were likely too busy trying to recover control of the plane before making a report.

It is doubtful that others that know the truth about alien operations on Earth will share details of what actually happened to Flight 447.

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