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BP Gulf Oil Spill

by on May.23, 2010, under aliens

The April 20, 2010 BP explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico at the Deepwater Horizon rig is a disaster of unparalleled proportions.  Significant environmental damage has been done.  The recovery effort will undoubtedly take decades.  The “accident” was no accident, however.

We knew within days of the event that something more was happening; that the event was staged to cover something bigger.  We’ve held off discussing the true event while trying to gather more information.  But we feel it is time to, at least, put out that the “accident” is more than it seems.

Something is in the Gulf of Mexico of alien origin.  What alien device that may be is unclear.  It could be a complete ship, an important fragment of an alien spaceship, a weapon system, or something else that presently defies description in human language.  The oil spill and its cleanup efforts conceal the search and recovery efforts.  The oil spill will remain uncontrolled until such time as the true target of the effort is recovered.

It is clear that the environmental, economic, and political costs of an oil spill of this magnitude out weigh the perceived benefits associated with recovering whatever is at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico in the Deepwater Horizon wellhead.  We hope that the benefits truly are.

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Alien Calf Mutilations

by on Nov.27, 2009, under aliens

Recently there have been news reports of calf mutilations in southern Colorado (for example, here).  The news reports suggest that the organs have been removed from the calves.  The area in which the carcasses were found shows no sign of human presence or the presence of predators.  The “neatness” of the organ removal and the lack of evidence such as tracks, drag marks, and pools of blood lead some to suspect that aliens must have been involved.

While an interesting hypothesis, aliens are not likely to have been responsible for the mutilation of calves in the wilderness.  Aliens here on earth conducting scientific research involving dissection would perform the procedure in much the same way human scientists would.  They would use a laboratory.  The carcass would be fully used and any remains would be incinerated.  The carcass would not be dumped in the wilderness with no trace of how the calf reached the location.

If aliens are behind the string of calf mutilations then the only likely explanation is that some young (i.e. “teenage”) aliens are out to “punk” the humans by butchering a few calves to cause some fear and anxiety.  But, this isn’t a likely scenario as the risk of getting caught is too high.  Alien children allowed to visit Earth do so under the strictest supervision.  They have little opportunity to shed such supervision.

The most likely explanations are that humans are trying to pull a prank involving aliens or that the farmer(s) with the mutilated calf is trying to create some sort of insurance scam.

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Vatican Signals Willingness to Consider Aliens

by on Nov.11, 2009, under aliens

The Roman Catholic Church has signaled its willingness to consider that there may be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe (click here for one story).  The Catholic Church is considering whether or not the grandeur of God’s creation may include other places in the vastness of space.

For Christians, and people of other faiths, the idea that other intelligent life could, and, in fact, does, exist in the universe can cause a crisis of faith.  Christian denominations often teach that humans are “made in God’s image” and are unique in the universe.  How, then, is another intelligent species to be considered with such fundamental teachings?  How are the religious teachings and practices of other intelligent life to be reconciled with human holy scriptures?

The Catholic Church, one of the oldest extant religious institutions in the world, seems to be preparing its flock for the possibility that aliens will be “discovered” in the relatively near future.  They seem to want to find a way to support multiple intelligent species that are “made in God’s image” before it becomes widely known that intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe has visited Earth, that aliens visit regularly.

This is a bold, welcome move on the part of the Catholic Church.  If only others would dare to prepare the general public for the hidden knowledge that we are not alone.

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by on Oct.16, 2009, under aliens

It’s been a little quiet around here.  The blog that is, not life.

Sometimes when you work in the area that I do and you are inclined to shed some light on that very, very dark topic you just have to step back from the light.  I’m not interested in coming to the attention of those that truly run our relationships with alien visitors.  That attention can be … unpleasant.  At the very least I would not be able to continue posting occasional bits of history and current events.

If this place goes quiet for a while, even for months at a time, it isn’t because I don’t love you all.  The silence is just a fact of life in this business.

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Connecting the Dots – Columbia Accident

by on Aug.16, 2009, under aliens

The February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia accident was truly an accident.  The Columbia experienced damage during launch that manifested during re-entry in a tragic accident, killing the entire crew.

I wouldn’t normally associate something that has no bearing on the cover-up of alien activity on Earth.  But, in this case, the fact that this disaster is in no way associated must be noted.

The accident did, however, have the effect of slowing the US space program again in much the same way that the Challenger incident did.  This time the accident had the “happy” side-effect of encouraging politicians to press for the retirement of aging, but extremely sophisticated and successful spaceships.  The replacements currently under development are likely to continue to retard human expansion in to space and preserve the conspiracy to hide alien presence on Earth.

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Connecting the Dots – Challenger Incident

by on Aug.14, 2009, under aliens

The January 28, 1986 “accident” involving the Space Shuttle Challenger was no accident.  The American space program was in a period of rapid growth.  It was developing capabilities that would give it an unprecedented presence in space and ability to monitor space around Earth for scientific purposes.  Such presence and monitoring was, sooner or later, likely to detect alien spacecraft arriving or departing Earth.

The decision was made in 1985 to halt the American space program.  Simply de-funding it would not be sufficient as the economic impact of the US space program is too great.  Too many business, individuals, and politicians depend on the money that the American taxpayer allocates to space exploration and space science.  The only viable option was to “engineer” an in-flight accident that destroyed one of the space shuttles.  It was believe that only a catastrophic system failure resulting in loss of life would create the political pressure that would paralyze NASA and suspend human space operations.  The planned “accident” need only kill one astronaut to be effective.

Operatives worked throughout the NASA procurement system to locate weaknesses in processes that would enable a defect to be introduced that would cause the desired in-flight failure.  Several were identified; only one has been made public in the nearly quarter century since the Challenger incident.  An O-ring on the solid rocket booster was tampered with to produce a weak spot that would enable hot gas to escape from the side of the SRB an penetrate the external fuel tank causing a total in-flight system failure.

During the investigation of the “accident” the Challenger Incident Board and top management at NASA were apprised of the situation with respect to alien activity on and around Earth.  All were instructed to 1) Remain forever silent on the true nature of the “accident”; 2) Report only the O-ring failure and suppress or destroy all evidence associated with backup catastrophic failures; 3)  Delay the return to flight of the space shuttles;  and 4) Impose cumbersome “safety” procedures to reduce the frequency of flights.

The reporting of the “accident” and NASA’s response to it have been effective in retarding the development of human space flight capabilities.

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Mystery Impact on Jupiter – Update

by on Jul.28, 2009, under aliens

Fox News is using the recent “impact” event on Jupiter to “scare” people into believing that it could happen here on Earth.  See this article.  But, as we discussed when the “impact” was announced, there cannot be a repeat of the Jupiter event as it was not an impact event.  Rather, it was an alien gas mining operation that suffered a catastrophic failure resulting in an explosion and apparent Earth-sized crater.

Certainly, Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) of a certain size a something to be concerned about.  Earth has been hit by many large asteroids and comets throughout its existence.  The planet will, undoubtedly, be hit many, many more times.  Unless there is a true surprise lurking somewhere in the Solar System, Earth will probably not be hit by an asteroid of substantial size or a comet any time in the near future.

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Russian Navy Declassifies UFO Data

by on Jul.28, 2009, under aliens

The Russian Navy recently declassified some, but not all, data that it has on UFOs (see article here).  The information, like that declassified by any government, is short on any real facts, real details regarding the ongoing alien presence here on Earth.  The declassified data won’t provide any details as to the nature of the alien contact or presence here on Earth.  To do so would. in some opinions, incite world-wide panic, possibly leading to violent civil strife and upset the powers that benefit from the relationships with the aliens.  The best that any government can reveal at present is in effect “Yes, there are events that we cannot explain that seem to suggest that we may be visited by extraterrestrials.  We are unable to prove that these events are actually the result of extraterrestrial visits.”

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Mystery Impact on Jupiter

by on Jul.21, 2009, under aliens

An amateur astronomer detected an unusual impact crater on Jupiter on July 19, 2009.  NASA “confirmed” the impact.  NASA speculates that the impact was caused by a “large block of ice” or a “wandering comet to feint to see” in Jupiter’s neighborhood.  Jupiter certainly does get hit by comets (Shoemaker-Levy 9, for example), but it is not the only possible explanation for the “crater” shown below.

JPL Image Showing Impact with Jupiter

JPL Image Showing "Impact" with Jupiter

The claim that the crater is the result of an impact of a large block of ice or from an unseen, wandering comet is cover for a terrible accident that happened.  Jupiter’s atmosphere contains many valuable gases valuable for spacefaring civilizations  such as hydrogen and helium.  A gas mining station deep in the Jovian atmosphere suffered a catastrophic failure and exploded leaving a spot with the appearance of an impact point.  Many lives, of course, were lost in the accident.  Mining, whether underground on Earth or in the atmosphere of a distant planet, is a dangerous occupation.

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Giant Squid Squid Invade Bay

by on Jul.18, 2009, under aliens

Giant squid have been sighted in San Diego Bay.  Scientists are baffled as to why the giant squid are “suddenly” appearing out side of their normal range.  The giant squid are in the bay because alien that are important to their community have been reported to be in the waters in and around San Diego Bay.  The quid are just like human fans of any rock star; they go where their idol can be glimpsed regardless of the dangers.

The giant squid numbers will likely fall once the visitor leaves.

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