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Connecting the Dots — World War II

by on Jun.09, 2009, under aliens

Most extra-terrestrials on Earth during this time period elected to remain out of the war.  Their consensus belief was that the war was a human thing and needed to be resolved by humans.

Some aliens, however, did become involved.  Early computer development during WWII by the Allies was guided by sympathetic visitors.  Radar, particularly in Britain, was spurred by access to key extra-terrestrial data.  Today both computers and radar are commonplace technologies that make the modern world possible.

Those of us who follow extra-terrestrial activities suspect that technologies that the Germans were most successful with, like the V1/V2 rockets and jet aircraft, were aided by the aliens as well.  In the lead-up to the war there was also fear in the British government that a “death-ray” was underdevelopment.  Unfortunately, there is little evidence to corroborate these theories.

One interesting, though little noticed, aspect of the war era is US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  FDR is the only US president have served more than two terms as President (the 22nd Amendment prohibits any other person from serving more than two terms).  Roosevelt was also severely disabled due, it is claimed, to polio.  When FDR died while in office,  no autopsy was performed and all medical records have disappeared.  The polio story and the lack of autopsy and medical records cover the fact that FDR was an alien/human hybrid.

This information with respect to FDR does contradict the statements that aliens largely refrained from involvement in WWII.  But Roosevelt was not exactly an alien.  He was not exactly human either.  Performing an autopsy increased the chance that someone would disclose the carefully guarded secrets that extra-terrestrials were on Earth and that they had reproduced with humans.  Disclosure that one of the Allies had been led by an alien could have changed the course of the war by turning other nations against the US.  Certainly such an announcement in the midst of WWII with victory against Nazi Germany days away and attention to turning to the invasion of Japan would destabilize the US and possibly lead to civil war.  At the very least, world leaders would have to answer uncomfortable questions about the secrets being kept at a time when keeping secrets was critical.  Such questioning would call unwanted and uncomfortable attention to the Manhattan Project.

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