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Connecting the Dots – A Beginning

by on Jun.03, 2009, under aliens


The recent downing of Air France Flight 447 is only the latest in a series of cover ups and misdirection regarding the presence of aliens here on Earth.  It’s a tragedy to be sure that so many people died.  The greater tragedy is the hiding of the truth, occasionally in plain sight, by governments and corporations of the fact that aliens (extraterrestrials) exist, that they have visited Earth, and that they are on Earth now.

Tunguska Event

Where should we draw that first “dot”?  There are many conspiracy theorists that believe that aliens have been on Earth and involved in or manipulating human events as far back as the time of the building of the Egyptian pyramids.  While that may well be true, there is little extant evidence to support the belief.  We will begin connecting the chain of events, the dots, with the 1908 Tunguska Event.

After more than a century it remains difficult to understand just what happened in the sparsely populated Tunguska region of Russia.  Theories abound ranging from a meteor or comment to a failed Tesla coil experiment to the crash of a UFO.  Some theories even combine other theories such as an alien spaceship crashing in to a meteor to save the Earth.

Little evidence is found to support any theory.  Let us propose here that an alien spaceship crashed or suffered some form of catastrophic malfunction leading to an explosion.  One would conclude that debris from the ship should have been scattered over, at least, the forest area flattened by the blast.  Perhaps it was and it was all removed by the time the first investigators arrived nearly twenty years later.

Some skeptics will immediately discount the idea that aliens would cleanup all evidence of their “accident.”  But consider how fictional events have been portrayed in popular movies such as Star Trek:  Generations.  The saucer section of the Enterprise crashed on an alien world leaving a miles-long gash in the forest.  Starfleet personnel were, at the end of the movie, removing crew as well as pieces of the ship.  If human fiction authors can create such an event then it reasonable to infer that a sufficiently advanced alien civilization would behave similarly in similar situations with more primitive civilizations.  Earth certainly was at that time.


This is only the first article in a long series that will demonstrate how alien presence on Earth is hidden from most of the population.

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  1. Klarissa Pine

    Wow! I would like to know more about all this. I am looking forward to future posts. My son recently attended a forum for people who have been abducted by aliens and/or have had other types of close encounters, so this issue is very near to my family.

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