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Connecting the Dots — The Republican / Democratic Oligarchy

by on Jun.04, 2009, under aliens

About the time of the Tunguska Event, the early 20th Century, American political parties stabilized around the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  The 19th Century had been filled with many competing political groups making for a vibrant and lively experiment with democracy.  With the emergence of these two dominant political parties, the system effectively closed down to outsiders with differing ideas and visions for the country’s future, and, indeed, the world’s future.  Both parties have had nearly equal periods of ascendency thus maintaining the status quo and mitigating the risk that someone with knowledge, but out of favor, would reveal the secret both parties were sworn to protect.  Secrecy and power-sharing with rivals was the price of guaranteed power.

We should note before proceeding that rank-and-file members of both political parties do not know the truth behind how their party became one of the major parties in America.  Common party members believe in the stated platforms and goals of their chosen party.  It is only when one has proven loyalty to the party by soliciting money for their candidates and campaigning to elect their candidates does one become an initiate of the true secrets.

So what did the political party elites know?

The Tunguska Event as previously discussed was an alien ship that suffered a catastrophic malfunction above the Tunguska region of Russia.  The alien ship was investigating reports from long-placed monitoring systems that Earth was beginning to experience climate changes indicative of industrialization.  Space-faring races with interests in sentient species use atmospheric chemcials (such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds) and particulate matter as markers for determining the developmental level of the sentient species.  When atmospheric chemicals reach concentrations similar to those of Earth in the early 20th Century observers are sent to determine if contact is warranted.

With the pattern of involvement that we will demonstrate we can assume that First Contact (cultural definition, science fiction defintion) occurred discretely around 1910 in several places in America and leading industrial countries of Europe (England, France, Germany, and Italy).  There is some suggestion, though unsubstantiated at present, that World War I was precipitated because the aliens had not contacted fading imperial powers Russia, Austro-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire.  WWI had the salutary effect of creating laws  to suppress dissemination of information that could reveal alien contact (for example:  the Espionage Act and Sedition Act in the US).

At the close of the war, leaders such as US President Woodrow Wilson, tried to create common world government, the League of Nations.  This new world government was intended to foster peace and international harmony leading to conditions making it acceptable to reveal extra-terrestrial presence on Earth.  A small cadre of leaders, President Wilson among them, wanted to proceed quickly with the founding of the League of Nations and announce to the world on the first anniversary of the end of the Great War that at least one sentient species wanted to establish contact with all of Earth’s peoples.  President Wilson’s debilitating stroke was the result of an alien device surreptisously implanted during one of his many doctor visits.  This was done to send a message to those “in the know” to proceed slowly and with caution.

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