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Connecting the Dots — Cuban Missile Crisis

by on Jun.21, 2009, under aliens

Eighteen months after the successful Bay of Pigs operation, a new crisis developed involving Cuba.  The Cuban government blissfully unaware of the true reason for the invasion sought closer ties with the Soviet Union to protect itself from a perceived threat of invasion from the United States of America.  In this relationship the USSR convinced Fidel Castro to permit it to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba that could reach major targets in the USA quickly.  The USA, naturally, saw provocative action as a dangerous threat and took action to prevent the deployment.

The incident that became know nas the Cuban Missile Crisis was seen as just another round in the Cold War between the Communist countries of the Eastern Bloc and the countries of the West.  Certainly that is part of the story.  The move to establish a nuclear missile presence in Cuba had a secret purpose as well.  The deployment was really about establishing the level of access that other factions of initiates of the secret of the alien presence would have to the visitors and their technology.

At the time, and to a degree this is still true today, some factions feel that Americans have too much access and benefit to greatly from that access to the aliens.  The missile deployment was a bold move that said to those who knew, “Look we can place missiles that will destroy everything you have gained.  We expect to be treated as equals in these relationships.  We know why you undertook the invasion.”  The Cuban Missile Crisis was a very real threat and very nearly led to a nuclear war.  The Soviet faction was taken seriously and back-down, agreeing to remove the missiles in exchange for greater access.

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