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Connecting the Dots — Bay of Pigs

by on Jun.21, 2009, under aliens

In 1959 Cuban revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro seized control of Cuba in a Communist revolution.  Many Cubans fled to Florida.  These Cuban exiles have been vehemently opposed to the Communist government and have made every effort to remove Castro and the leftist government.

In early 1960 an inbound alien ship experienced a major system failure over Bahía de Cochinos region of Cuba.  Several key components were lost.  Reports suggest that a communication pod and a sensor array were among the lost items.  The CIA was directed to initiate daily U-2 flights to attempt to pinpoint the location of these items.  The original plan was to send in a small team of specially trained operatives to retrieve the debris.  However, the post-revolutionary conditions precluded sending in any personal with knowledge of the alien presence due to the risk of capture and exposure.

The strong desire in the Cuban exile community to retake their country from the leftists provided a perfect vehicle to get into the region, retrieve the equipment, and get out with a perfect cover.  In late 1960 planning began for a sea-borne invasion of Cuba by CIA recruited and trained Cuban exiles.  On April 15, 1961 operations to soften and disorient the Cuban military began.  On April 17, 1961 the invasion at the Bay of Pigs began.  The three days of operations of Brigade 2506 provided enough cover to get the lost equipment without raising any suspicions.  An unfortunate outcome was the about 1,200 of the exiles were captured.

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