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Connecting the Dots — Kennedy Assassination

by on Jun.22, 2009, under aliens

The 1963 assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and the 1968 assassination his brother, Robert Kennedy,  are profound events in American history and are intimately tied to the alien presence here on Earth.

President Kennedy was disturbed by the events in the Bay of Pigs and by the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Kennedy regretted that so many people had died or were imprisoned to provide cover for retrieving lost alien technology.  He was also disturbed that nuclear missiles could be used in a cat-and-mouse game vying access to, favor with, and control of friendly visitors from other worlds.  Visitors that, in his opinion, could help to alleviate world suffering, including war, if their presence could be known and shared in by all the peoples of the world.

President Kennedy was preparing to give a speech (the date is uncertain) that would reveal the alien presence and tout all of the benefits that had been received from their contact.  In that same speech he would have outlined how increasing the contacts and allowing every human to be aware of and involved would increase standards of living world-wide, relieve suffering in all its forms.

But Kennedy’s view wasn’t shared by all.  There was at least one faction within the group of initiates that did not want to open access to all.  They felt that it would be most advantageous if knowledge and access remained restricted.  They reasoned that winning the War on Communism was more important than any other goal.  Kennedy’s planned visit to Dallas, Texas provided the perfect opportunity to “solve” their “problem.”  President Kennedy would be riding in an open car making for an easy target for any moderately skilled shooter.  The chaos after President Kennedy’s assassination provided an opportunity to “silence” the assassin thus guaranteeing that no one would get close to the truth.

The Kennedy brothers were extremely close with Robert being, perhaps, the President’s closest advisor.  The cabal within the cabal that carried out the execution of President Kennedy was never certain if Robert Kennedy knew about the alien presence on Earth.  They were certain that if Robert was elected President that he would know as all US presidents have been initiated into the secret society.  Robert posed a double risk; if elected he would likely reveal the alien presence in much the same way that his brother would have and he would have discovered their cowardly hand in the assassination of President Kennedy.  The only effective course of action was to recruit an assassin to  protect their continuing interests and plans by killing Robert Kennedy.

It is unfortunate that humans that have been fortunate enough to learn of and participate in the alien presence here on Earth are so selfish and manipulative of that presence that they must resort to cowardly murders to protect what they think are their interests.  It hardly seems “for the good of the people.”

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