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Giant Squid Squid Invade Bay

by on Jul.18, 2009, under aliens

Giant squid have been sighted in San Diego Bay.  Scientists are baffled as to why the giant squid are “suddenly” appearing out side of their normal range.  The giant squid are in the bay because alien that are important to their community have been reported to be in the waters in and around San Diego Bay.  The quid are just like human fans of any rock star; they go where their idol can be glimpsed regardless of the dangers.

The giant squid numbers will likely fall once the visitor leaves.

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Moon Hoax

by on Jul.17, 2009, under aliens

Now that we’ve reached the 40th anniversary of the Apollo XI Moon landing the subject of the whole mission being a hoax has come up again.  NASA has been working on restoring the video of the original landing.  The problem is that the original tapes of the first moon landing were lost.  Actually, they were erased due to a shortage of data tapes during the 1970s.  Conspiracy theorists argue that the conveniently lost tapes are some of the evidence of the Moon landings never having happened.

The conspiracy theorists are right; the lost tapes are a conspiracy but not of the kind that they expect.  Some of the original video showed an alien ship monitoring the first Moon landing.  The quality of the original transfer to television was so poor that viewers in that era would not have seen it.  However, as video technology has improved the chance that some one would notice an unusual vessel in the background would increased.  The groups that are aware of aliens determined that it would be better that the original tapes were “erased and reused” due to a “shortage” of data tapes.  NASA is a victim in this conspiracy.

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Shuttle Endeavour Launch Delayed

by on Jul.11, 2009, under aliens

Space shuttle Endeavour’s scheduled launch for today was scrubbed due to “lightning strikes near the launch pad.”  Endeavor wasn’t scrubbed because of lightning strikes.  It was scrubbed because a launch would have placed it in a position where astronauts or, worse, civilians could have seen an alien space ship moving through Earth orbit.  The “weather-related” delays have generally proven to be a better cover system than methods used with, for example, Apollo 1 and Apollo 13.  Stopping a mission because of the weather doesn’t risk crew lives like earlier efforts to hide the truth.

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Flight 447 – Update

by on Jul.06, 2009, under aliens

Air France Flight 447 is again in the news.  Aviation authorities have released a reports that confirm comments mader here as well as a report that contradicts comments made here about the state of the plane when it hit the Atlantic Ocean.

First, autopsies are not showing any signs of burns or smoke.  This confirms that the plane was not brought down by an explosion.  It is in line with the view that the airplane was actually attempting to avoid a collision with an alien space ship using the storm as cover for an arrival or departure.

Second, French aviation officials report that the plane “bellyflopped” into the ocean.  This claim argues that the plane just fell out of the sky for no reason.  They cannot explain what may have caused it to fall straight down because it didn’t happen.  This story without any supporting theories or evidence from the fight data records, the so-called black boxes, (which, conveniently, have not been reported as “found”) is nothing more than a cover story for an accident for which the authorities do not want the public to learn the truth.

Somehow it is easier to convince the public of the veracity of an unexplicable fall of an airplane from the sky than of the continued presence or extra-terrestrials, aliens, on Earth.

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Connecting the Dots — Watergate

by on Jun.24, 2009, under aliens

The Watergate Break-in during the Richard Nixon Presidential re-election campaign in 1972 is widely believed to be one of simple political espionage gone bad.  The reality is more complex, however.  Political and business figures associated with alien presence on Earth are competitive amongst themselves vying for power and wealth.  Few positions hold more power for an individual and his (or her) closest associates than the President of the United States of America.  Contact with the visiting aliens gives such people access to technology that can enhance their opportunities to move into the positions of power and wealth.

Nixon and his backers believed that the Democrats were likely to win the 1972 election.  Some moves that the Democrats were making to counter the Nixon campaign appeared to have inside information.    The “burglary” of the Democratic headquarters wasn’t about stealing information; it was about stealing the device that was untraceably tapping CRP communications remotely.

We don’t know if the device was present at the Watergate offices or if the burglary team succeeded in obtaining the device.  The whole Watergate Scandal had the danger of exposing the alien presence on Earth with the far-reaching investigations, criminal convictions, and the resignation of a President.  Those that knew the truth behind the events elected to act with restraint and step back from the more intense, overt forms of competition.

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Connecting the Dots — Apollo 13 Incident

by on Jun.23, 2009, under aliens

The Apollo 13 Moon mission, launched April 11, 1970, was to be the third landing of Americans on the Moon.  The mission, however, was a “successful failure” due to an in-flight electrical short and explosion that crippled the ship and put the lives of James A. Lovell, John L. “Jack” Swigert, and Fred W. Haise in jeopardy.

The Apollo missions were carefully coordinated to prevent astronauts or the new television media from inadvertently observing alien activity on and around Earth.  However, just a few hours after Apollo 13 began its lunar transfer it was determined that an alien spacecraft was on the surface near the proposed landing site of Fra Mauro highlands.  The risk of disclosure was determined to be too great.  An encrypted signal was layered onto normal communications with the crew that would activate a small, deliberate defect in the construction of the service module to cause an explosion to damage the craft.  The intent was to focus the attention of NASA, the crew, the media, and the public on the “problem” with the spaceship.

The fact that the system was activated on the service module after the spacecraft was well into its lunar transfer was convenient.  There would be no evidence because the service module would not be returned to Earth.  The Apollo 1 disaster taught NASA a substantial amount about documentation of the spacecraft so that they could affect good guidance to the crew so they could return to Earth alive.  It also taught others, those aware of aliens and the need to keep that knowledge secret, to be more skilled in creating the tools that would allow a coverup to be created at a moment’s notice.

The story of what is perceived to be one of America’s finest moments in space flight has been immortalized in the film Apollo 13.  The film serves to ingrain into the public conscious the cover-story of the “accident,” the “heroism” of the crew, and the skill and teamwork of NASA such that there is little questioning of what actually happened.

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Connecting the Dots — Apollo 1 Launch Pad Fire

by on Jun.23, 2009, under aliens

January 27, 1967 was the date of the fateful training “accident” involving the crew of Apollo 1.  It was to be the first manned mission of the Apollo program, the effort by the United States of America to fulfill President John F. Kennedy’s vision of Americans being the first to walk on the Moon.  The incident analysis performed by NASA “showed” that a small electrical fault in the construction of the command module led to a fire that quickly consumed the oxygen in the capsule and killed astronauts Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Ed White and Roger B. Chaffee.

The reality is a bit more complex than that.  The command module was secretly prepared by operatives within NASA (or the contractor; the evidence is not clear which organization) to have wiring fault that would lead to a small fire that would then cause the test to fail.  The intent was to cause a setback in the program with the hope of delaying it by a year or more.  The crew death’s was not intended.  The architect’s of the “accident” were unaware that speed with which the fire would burn inside the capsule in the pure oxygen environment would be such that the command module hatch could not be opened in time by the crew to escape.

The investigation of the “accident” determined that production and maintenance records associated with the command module were so poor that it could not be reliably determined exactly what equipment went into the spacecraft.

The “accident” provided enough cover to delay the quest for the Moon so that changes could be made in alien visit patterns with the goal of avoiding wider revelation to the public during what would surely become the most intensely covered media event in the new medium of television.

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Connecting the Dots — Kennedy Assassination

by on Jun.22, 2009, under aliens

The 1963 assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and the 1968 assassination his brother, Robert Kennedy,  are profound events in American history and are intimately tied to the alien presence here on Earth.

President Kennedy was disturbed by the events in the Bay of Pigs and by the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Kennedy regretted that so many people had died or were imprisoned to provide cover for retrieving lost alien technology.  He was also disturbed that nuclear missiles could be used in a cat-and-mouse game vying access to, favor with, and control of friendly visitors from other worlds.  Visitors that, in his opinion, could help to alleviate world suffering, including war, if their presence could be known and shared in by all the peoples of the world.

President Kennedy was preparing to give a speech (the date is uncertain) that would reveal the alien presence and tout all of the benefits that had been received from their contact.  In that same speech he would have outlined how increasing the contacts and allowing every human to be aware of and involved would increase standards of living world-wide, relieve suffering in all its forms.

But Kennedy’s view wasn’t shared by all.  There was at least one faction within the group of initiates that did not want to open access to all.  They felt that it would be most advantageous if knowledge and access remained restricted.  They reasoned that winning the War on Communism was more important than any other goal.  Kennedy’s planned visit to Dallas, Texas provided the perfect opportunity to “solve” their “problem.”  President Kennedy would be riding in an open car making for an easy target for any moderately skilled shooter.  The chaos after President Kennedy’s assassination provided an opportunity to “silence” the assassin thus guaranteeing that no one would get close to the truth.

The Kennedy brothers were extremely close with Robert being, perhaps, the President’s closest advisor.  The cabal within the cabal that carried out the execution of President Kennedy was never certain if Robert Kennedy knew about the alien presence on Earth.  They were certain that if Robert was elected President that he would know as all US presidents have been initiated into the secret society.  Robert posed a double risk; if elected he would likely reveal the alien presence in much the same way that his brother would have and he would have discovered their cowardly hand in the assassination of President Kennedy.  The only effective course of action was to recruit an assassin to  protect their continuing interests and plans by killing Robert Kennedy.

It is unfortunate that humans that have been fortunate enough to learn of and participate in the alien presence here on Earth are so selfish and manipulative of that presence that they must resort to cowardly murders to protect what they think are their interests.  It hardly seems “for the good of the people.”

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Connecting the Dots — Cuban Missile Crisis

by on Jun.21, 2009, under aliens

Eighteen months after the successful Bay of Pigs operation, a new crisis developed involving Cuba.  The Cuban government blissfully unaware of the true reason for the invasion sought closer ties with the Soviet Union to protect itself from a perceived threat of invasion from the United States of America.  In this relationship the USSR convinced Fidel Castro to permit it to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba that could reach major targets in the USA quickly.  The USA, naturally, saw provocative action as a dangerous threat and took action to prevent the deployment.

The incident that became know nas the Cuban Missile Crisis was seen as just another round in the Cold War between the Communist countries of the Eastern Bloc and the countries of the West.  Certainly that is part of the story.  The move to establish a nuclear missile presence in Cuba had a secret purpose as well.  The deployment was really about establishing the level of access that other factions of initiates of the secret of the alien presence would have to the visitors and their technology.

At the time, and to a degree this is still true today, some factions feel that Americans have too much access and benefit to greatly from that access to the aliens.  The missile deployment was a bold move that said to those who knew, “Look we can place missiles that will destroy everything you have gained.  We expect to be treated as equals in these relationships.  We know why you undertook the invasion.”  The Cuban Missile Crisis was a very real threat and very nearly led to a nuclear war.  The Soviet faction was taken seriously and back-down, agreeing to remove the missiles in exchange for greater access.

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Connecting the Dots — Bay of Pigs

by on Jun.21, 2009, under aliens

In 1959 Cuban revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro seized control of Cuba in a Communist revolution.  Many Cubans fled to Florida.  These Cuban exiles have been vehemently opposed to the Communist government and have made every effort to remove Castro and the leftist government.

In early 1960 an inbound alien ship experienced a major system failure over Bahía de Cochinos region of Cuba.  Several key components were lost.  Reports suggest that a communication pod and a sensor array were among the lost items.  The CIA was directed to initiate daily U-2 flights to attempt to pinpoint the location of these items.  The original plan was to send in a small team of specially trained operatives to retrieve the debris.  However, the post-revolutionary conditions precluded sending in any personal with knowledge of the alien presence due to the risk of capture and exposure.

The strong desire in the Cuban exile community to retake their country from the leftists provided a perfect vehicle to get into the region, retrieve the equipment, and get out with a perfect cover.  In late 1960 planning began for a sea-borne invasion of Cuba by CIA recruited and trained Cuban exiles.  On April 15, 1961 operations to soften and disorient the Cuban military began.  On April 17, 1961 the invasion at the Bay of Pigs began.  The three days of operations of Brigade 2506 provided enough cover to get the lost equipment without raising any suspicions.  An unfortunate outcome was the about 1,200 of the exiles were captured.

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